About us

We’re slightly bias, but we think the MyAllergy app is pretty great. Born out of Mit Sharma’s experience with his daughter who suffered from serious allergies from a very young age, we know all about living with allergies and the highs, lows, frustrations and minor inconveniences that go along with it.

Our ambition is to build the world’s largest community of food allergy and intolerance sufferers. We want to take the stress out of living with allergies, and we’ve got some pretty ambitious plans to get us there.

In winter 2017, we’ll launch The MyAllergy passport app. It allows you, your employees or your pupils to share allergies and intolerances at the touch of a button. It gives you one central place where all your dietary requirements sit, taking the stress out of everyday life.

In addition to our handy app, we are also launching our supportive community of food allergy and intolerance sufferers on the MyAllergy forum. Got some expertise to share with newly diagnosed people? Got a favourite recipe you can’t stop raving about? If it’s food allergy or intolerance related, we want to hear about it.

Our team

Mit – CEO

Mit is a lactose intolerant allergy dad. He started myAllergy because he wants more options for people who suffer from food allergies and intolerances.

Selwyn – Co-Founder

Selwyn is a co-founder of myAllergy. He’s currently the VP of UCB Pharmaceuticals.

Heidar – CTO

Heidar is the CTO of myAllergy. He’s a product person with a lot of experience in building startups.

Rachel Gordon – Digital Marketing Manager

Rachael is all about content, coffee and copy writing.

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